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The yellow soil is the earth with yellow color literally. However, the yellow soil in academic means he loes yellow color formed with the silt of 0.002~0.005mm.

The yellow soil is in broad structure wiht numerous spaces formaing the double layer structure. In this sponge-like hole, there are substantial amount of far infrared ray that it radiates with heat to stimulates the molecular activities of other objects. Namely, the yellow soil absorbs the solar energy for a long time and is the silicone mineral that can be said as the storage of the solar energy.

◎ The far infrared ray radiates from the yellow soil activates the physiological action of the cell (fatigue recovery, prevention of ageing), and generates the thermal energy to release the harmful substances and make better metabolism.

◎ By wearing clothes dyed with yellow soil or using ondol or yellow soil blanket, the toxicity in human body from the process of metabolism to recover from fatigue or slow down of ageing.

Classification Contents
Appearance Light Brown
Solid Contents (ppm) 100,000
Solvent Water
pH 7.5±0.5
Densuity (g/ml) 1.15
Purity (%) 99.99
P-Particle Size (nm) 20~30
Particle Size (nm) 100~150

- Colthes, bed sets and health products and other textile fields.

- Exterior and interior material in construction fields

- Cosmetics product (beauty care products), infant goods, bathing goods and other living goods.
Applied products Materials (yellow soil nano)
Soap (solid, clear) AYS-EGP002 / AYS-WP020
Textile softer AYS-WP010
Water tissue AYS-WP010C / AYS-WP010 / AYS-WM4000
Powder puff AYS-WP020
Agriculture water AYS-WP020
Textile AYS-WP010
Plastic AYS-MP020
Cosmetice product, bath goods AYS-WP020
* Please refer to the examples of application of silver nano for the commercialization in products
     other than the above.