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From the old days, the silver is known as the mysterious substance for prevention with the effect of dliminating some 650 bacteria. In addition, it has the high electrical conductivity, radiation of far infrared ray and deodorant effect that it has excellent wtilization as the electro-wave shielding in the display field, conductive electrode, and anti-bacteria products for cosmetice products, toothpastes, textiles and others.

Classification Contents
Appearance Blackish or Yellow
Solid Contents (ppm) 10,000 ~ 100,000
Solvent Water, Alcoholv etc
pH 6 ~ 8
Densuity (g/ml) 1.03
Purity (%) 99.99
P-Particle Size (nm) 5 ~ 10
Particle Size (nm) 50

- Brown tube monitor electro-wave shielding

- Electrode of display field

- Health living field of cosmetice product, toothpaste, fiber, medicine, anti-bacteria plastic and others.
적용제품 소재타입 (나노실버)
Rubber product (gloves) AGS-WM3000CB
Agricultural auxiliary agent
(insect prevention)
AGS-WP001 / AGS-WM1000C
Paint(water- based, UV paint)

AGS-WM3000CP / AGS-MK3000C
AGS-MM6000C / AGS-MC2500
Paint (UV-multi-plate) AGS-MC2500 / AGS-MK3000C
Ceramice AGS-WP001 / AAS-WP030
Anti-septic (cosmetics product) AGS-WM500CK
Water-proof coating agent (rubber) AGS-WM1000CB
Aromatic agent (General, bed set) AGS-WM200C / AGS-WM1000CB
Wall paper (floor paper) AGS-MC2500 / AGS-MK1250C / AGS-MM5000
Powder puff AGS-WM5000C
Living goods (soap) AGS-EM1000C
Living goods (shampoo for pet) AGS-MK1000C
(General, leather, functional, funeral attire, etc)
AGS-WM계열(2000C, 3000C, 1000(CB), 5000CP, 2000KB)
AGS-WP계열(001, 001C, 001KB)
AGS-MK계열(1000(C), 1250C)
AGS-IPM3000C / AGS-MC2500 / AGS-1030
Shopping cart AGS-EM1000CB
Detergent AGS-WM1000CB / AGS-EM1000
Sterilizer, water tissue AGS-EM3300R / AGS-EM2000 / AGS-EM1000C
Shoes (sole, sandal and others) AGS-MK1000C / AGS-DEG2000
Stoker (accessory) AGS-EM1000CB
Accessory adhesive (artificial finger nail) AGS-EM2000 / AGS-MK2000C / AGS-MM5000C
Fishing net AGS-WP010
Air-conditioner filter AGS-104C / AGS-EM1000CK
Artificial hair AGS-MC2500 / AGS-WP001
Automobile goods AGS-WM1000C
Paper AGS-WM5000CS
Kitchenware coating AGS-MK3000C
Towel AGS-WM5000C / AGS-WM200C
Plastic AGS-MK3000C
Ag paste agent AGS-EP001
* There are many products commercialized in addiltion to the above category, Matters related to other       product shall make direct inquiry.