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Wiht the high electric conductivity and reflection ratio of far infrared ray and others. it has outstanding facilitation into the electro-wave shielding and conductive electrode, cosmetics product and other healthy living fields

Classification Contents
Appearance Wine
Solid Contents (ppm) 1,000
Solvent Water, Alcohol
pH 6 ~ 8
Densuity (g/ml) 1.02
Purity (%) 99.99
P-Particle Size (nm) 5 ~ 20
Particle Size (nm) 50

- Brown tube monitor electro-wave shielding

- Electrode of display field

- Health living field of cosmetice product and

Product Materials (nano-gold)
Anti-septic AUS-WM250HN
Powder puff AUS-WM1000
Shampoo, soap, hair tonic AUS-WM1000
Fabric softer AUS-WM1000
Detergent (for home appliances) AUS-WM1000
Dye materials AUS-WM1000D
Clothes (inner wear) AUS-WM300
Plastic (general, toothbrush) AUS-EGM1000 / AUS-PBT20000
Cosmetics product (cleansing water) AUS-WM1000 / AUS-WM300
* Commercialization of the products other than the above category shall refer to the case of application
    for silver nano.