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The platinum is safest of all existing metal substances. It has no oxidation phenomenon so that it is harmless to human body, and has the anti-bacteria efficacy for all viruses, and has the catalyst function, deodorant function and others.
In particular, when it is in contact wiht human body, it visualizes strong catalyst function to the skin in a way of facilitating the exchanges of positive electron and negative electron of human body for active metabolism, and the blood purification is made for the anti-cancer effect.  Clinically, it activates the red cell and white cell in blood to maintain the proper temperature with intense white cell activites on specific part for better recovery with the blood catalyst function.

Classification Contents
Appearance Blackish or Khaki
Solid Contents (ppm) 1,000
Solvent Water, Alcohol
pH 6 ~ 8
Densuity (g/ml) 1.05
Purity (%) 99.99
P-Particle Size (nm) 5 ~ 10
Particle Size (nm) 50

- Catalyst function : Medical field for developmen for new drug, cosmetice product, tooth paste, textile, drug, anti-bacteria plactic and other health living fields.

- Sterilization function : Various textile products, food additives, drugs

- Deodorant function : Absorption spray and others.
< Platinum water (Japan) containing of Pt (platinum nano) >
< Japanese cosmetic product containing of Pt (platinum nano) and Ag(silver nano) >
Applied products Materials (platinum nano)
Talc application APS-TM100
Tooth paste APS-WM1000
Cosmetics product (cosmetic water) APS-WM1000
Textile (general, inner wear) APS-WM1000 / APS-WM500 / APS-WM300
* Please refer to the examples of application of silver nano for the commercialization in products
     other than the above.