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As a yellow solid nature of sulfur in non-metallic mineral sulfur, sulfur animal, vegetable sulfur, with 3 different types exist.
The human body, a 14 different types of configuration elements of the bio-essential elements of the eighth, and mineral elements, the fourth largest amount of the very important element, the material itself, or in most cases impossible to direct the intake such as suction volume control and the plants are. In addition to sulfur, natural beef, pork, chicken, duck and meat and various vegetables, fruit and plants, etc. The balance of essential nutrients to
grow and act as artificial as the sulfur production of these nutritional elements in addition to the utilization everything is made.
Type Sulfur containing
Characteristice Use Symptoms of
Mineral sulfur
(General sulfur)
Underground stores of sulfur, Excitement soil sulfur (Buff color) A strong smell of the yellow is not edible to toxic substances livestock,
Legislation sulfur, or Nano - in the form of sulfur that is being used very extensively
Animal sulfur Gall bladders,
cow bile,
musk deer's musk
- Medicine,
Vegetable sulfur
(atural prgainc sulfur)
MSM, garlic, onions, cabbage, ginseng, soybeans, mail, situation mushrooms, ultimate, etc. In extracted from plants, not the smell of white, edible substane is harmless bath,
household goods,
health foods,
and other

- Cells can affect the physiological functioning of hazardous substances is the ability to decrypt and purification.
- Generating enzymes, and hormones (insulin) and by strengthening the role of amino acids to eliminate features with urination and constipation.
- Suppress the synthesis of cholesterol and dissolve blood clots, while the metabolic activation capabilities Excellence fatigue.
- According to donguibogam, remove the skin and reduce inflammation of the wound and the wound on your skin disinfection capabilities of Excellence.
- Continue to generate collagen, reduce skin aging and hair loss, delay, and the, nails, claws and prevention capabilities with a variant of keratin.
불용성인 일반 광물성 유황을 30~70nm 크기의 입자로 나노화시켜 물에 녹을 수 있도록 분산 하였으며, 그 결과 사용이 편리해지고 적은 양으로도 그 효과는 배가됨에 따라 경제성이 높아졌으며, 마이크로 크기의 미분 분말, 또는 석회유황합제로 사용하는 것과 비교하여 사용용도, 사용방법, 비용, 효율성 등에서 매우 우수할 뿐만 아니라 유황 특유의 기능에 따른 효과를 빨리 볼 수 있다는 장점이 있음.
Appearance Yellow, White Density (g/ml) 1.04 ~ 1.29
Solid Contents (%) 10% ~ 40% Purity (%) 99.9
Solvent Water, Alcohol P-Particle 50 ± 20 nm
pH 7.5 ± 1.0 D-Particle 150 ± 50 nm

적용분야 소재타입(나노유황 colloid) 적용목적 적정추천농도
농 업 용 ASS-WP010, ASS-WP040 엽면살포제 5 ~ 20 PPM
토양시비용 20 ~ 50 PPM
축 산 용 ASS-WP010, ASS-WP040 사료첨가제 20 ~ 50 PPM
화 장 품 ASS-WP010, ASS-WP040 기능성화장품 약 100 PPM
입 욕 제 ASS-WP010, ASS-WP040 보습 및 아토피개선용 약 50 PPM
비      누 ASS-WP010, ASS-WP040 기능성비누 150 ~ 300 PPM
과수봉지 ASS-WP010, ASS-WP040 과질향상 및 방충용 약 50 PPM