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Nano is from the Greek word of nanos, meaning of a dwarf, and it means billionth in modern science, and ithan the size of about 1/100,000 of our hair thickness.

The nano technology has been studied by military, chemical and material related companies with the applications in bio sensor, diagnostic device, nerve, and muscle tissues. In addition, the silver nano has become the essential part in industries like, electronice and computer industries, electronice machinery and others.

The silver nano is in primitive stage, but once the technology matures, the world will be in the technolgy innovation era. In short-run, the nano technolgy is likely to upgrade the current technology as well as forming the emerging technologies.

Once the silver nano is generalized, it would have the virus-sized robot to atteck the cells in our body, attacking aircraft in molecule size, battling the cancer cell with the molecular size and others.

The nano technology is the pinnacle of the 21C science technology, and many advanced countries are in fierce competition for taking edge on this field.

The silver nano of Korea is ranked forth in the world as of 2005.