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Monocots Commenlinids Zingiberales
Botanical name: Curcuma aromatica 
Classification: Gingers
Origin: Tropical Asia
Distribution Area : India, china, South-Eastern Asia

This aromatic and pretty ginger is probably the most useful among the gingers. It is recognized as a medical herb with strong antibiotic properties. Increasingly, its values to prevent and cure cancer are recognized. Read more about it below.
In an effort to remove cell accumulations such as a tumors, curcuma is often utilized. There are two species commonly used in cancer therapy that, like ginger, have a spicy taste.
Curcuma aromatica is one of them called yujin by the Chinese, after its affect on stagnation (yu means stagnation; jin refers to the golden color and to its ability to treat the lungs, the organ system associated with the metal element, for which gold is a symbol). It contains aromatic volatile oils that help to remove excessive lipids from the blood, reduce aggregation of platelets (sticking of the blood cells to form masses), and reduce inflammation.
In addition, the herb's oily components enhance fibrinolysis (the process that breaks down fibrous proteins, such as those that protect tumors from the immune system), and promote secretion of bile, which helps to clear congestion of the liver, promote digestion of fats, and aid intestinal peristalsis (intestinal movements that help evacuation). Thus, these essential oils help to get rid of many types of accumulation.

Classification Content

Antioxidant Activity

Prevent Alzheimer's disease(beta-amyloid protein removal)

A. 존스 홈킨즈 대 연구팀 : 파킨스 예방 효과 연구, 항산화 및 항염작용으로 신경질환에 의한 세포 고사 방지- 커큐민으로 치료 받지 않았을 경우 세포의 50%가 고사했으나, 치료 받았을 경우 19% 에 그침.
B. 미국 의한 연구 결과 : 뇌세포 고사시켜 치매를 일으키는 악성 단백질인 베타아밀로이드-42 를 잡아 먹는 대식세포의 작용을 활성화하여 치매 발생 차단

inflammatory/ Antibacterial

suppress NF-kB activation, suppress the occurrence of inflammation in your body and eradicate Helicobacter pylori germ


remove excessive lipids from the blood, reduce aggregation of platelets (sticking of the blood cells to form masses), and reduce inflammation

secretion of bile

activate liver cell
curing liver disease and help defecation

Diabetes and Obesity Prevention

A group of Columbia University Medical Center scientists discovered curcumin significantly reduced inflammation in fat tissue and lessens insulin resistance,prevent diabetes link between inflammation and obesity is also interesting: Curcumin administration was also associated with a small but significant decline in body weight and fat content.


- Clinical studies that it was not finished but They have produced a remarkable accomplishment.
- curcumin suppress the propagation of cancer cells in variant from various experiment. National Cancer Institute confirmed possibility of cancer treatments. There is two reasons that curcumin is eatable and little non-toxic
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1. Sejong University Kwon Hoe-Jung professor team : Nutrients needed for growth of cancer cells blocked, starving the cancer cell killing effect in cancer. When used in conjunction with conventional cancer treatment high expectations
2. England John Beckster professor research team : Effect of curcumin on esophageal cancer research, curcumin blocks that Continued growth of cancer cells to help NF-KappaB and esophageal cancer associated with expression of key proteins
3. USA Houston cancer center : discovered that Suppression of melanoma cells and melanoma cells self-destruct
4. lung cancer : confirmed 50% decrease of nicotine in curcumin and nicotine experiment. Then Reduce the possibility of lung cancer(2003.07 Food Chem. published in Toxical)
5. There is test result that curcumin reduce Colon, liver, duodenum, kidney cancer
6. Prostate cancer : slow or prevent the growth of prostate cancer
7. Breast Cancer : Chinese scientists show the possibilities of cancer treatment, bars, a powerful act to inhibit breast cancer discovered